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3 Essentials for Successful Fitness Marketing

Many fitness businesses are looking for the next quick win. They are looking for the next silver bullets without knowing that these will only give them short term goal. The problem is that their margin is too broad and general. "If you appeal to everyone,  then you...

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8 Ways to Close More Fitness Leads

1 - Follow up immediately Not in a couple of hours. Not tomorrow. Now. Following up within minutes of an initial request could make or break that lead. But why? Can’t they just be patient? Well, here are a few facts: Less than 10% of potential customers will answer...

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7 Reasons Your Fitness Business Isn’t Growing

Being a fitness professional has to be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. You get to watch your clients develop and change in front of your eyes. You are there for their emotional highs - and lows - and you get to experience a sense of real accomplishment...

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