3 Essentials for Successful Fitness Marketing

It can be tempting to keep looking for the next “silver bullet” quick win to get people into your gym, but the simple fact is, this only work in the short term. They may get you short-term gains, but with marketing that is too broad and too general, your marketing isn’t going to resonate.

That’s why I want to chat about the three “unsexy” but critical things you need to do to get your fitness business’s marketing running for the long term.

"If you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one."

Target Market

Generic messages get ignored. People aren’t interested in generic marketing, which means if you’re too broad, you won’t get noticed. Rather get super-clear on your target market.

You might know who your market is, but is your marketing reflecting that? If it isn’t clear, that needs to be your focus. Download your checklist for fitness businesses to make sure you’re hitting your target market.


Next, you're messaging needs to speak directly to that target market. Speak to their emotions, their specific problems. Talk to older audiences about mobility, talk to new mums about their emotions. If you’re speaking about the problems that affect them, you will be seen as an expert, which leads to more referrals and better business.


Thirdly, we need to look at media. Social media is great, and you can find most of your target audiences there, but also look at other media options. Where do your audience look for answers, what publications, what channel?

These three points make up what’s known as the Marketing Triangle:

If you follow the three steps outlined above, you’re going to experience much better success at finding your ideal clients and growing your fitness business. In brief, again, those are:

  • Identify your target market
  • Make sure your messaging is right for that market
  • Get your content out to the right sources

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