8 Ways to Close More Fitness Leads

1 – Follow up immediately

Not in a couple of hours. Not tomorrow. Now. Following up within minutes of an initial request could make or break that lead. But why? Can’t they just be patient? 

Well, here are a few facts:

  • Less than 10% potential customers will answer their phone as little as one hour after sending their requests.
  • Over 80% of people do extensive online research before contacting providers of any kind of service.
  • Almost all of those people will send out between five and eight inquiries at once to professionals in the same field.

Now, of course we understand that it isn’t always possible to answer with complete details immediately – you could be with a client, in the middle of a meeting, or any of hundreds of reasons that make it difficult to spend all day answering emails and text messages. To make it simpler, try tip 2:

2 – Use text messaging to your advantage

Emails often get missed, but 98% of text messages will get opened. That’s huge.

Most people are used to communicating by text message.

A great tactic is to use the first text message to schedule the appointment. Speed things up by using a message template that you can store on your phone.

We recommend using a tool to automate the sending of the first message. That way the new lead will ALWAYS receive your first SMS moments after they provided you with their details. This is when they are still “hot” and most likely to take action.

Here is an example text message:

Hi , it’s Jackie from here. We received your details for the and wanted to ask, when’s a good time for me to call? Thanks, Jackie

"98% of TEXT messages get opened" 

3 – Scripts

Nobody wants to listen to someone waffle. They want to hear someone confident, who knows what they’re talking about. That’s why it can be very helpful to have scripts for your conversations with leads. Don’t just have one generic script, either. 

Create scripts for specific scenarios:

  • An initial contact script for when a lead contacts you the first time.
  • A follow-up script for when you are calling a lead that contacted you by email or text.
  • A different follow-up script for someone who came in for a trial.
  • A series of FAQs to ensure they are answered consistently.
  • Answers to common objections.

4 – Manage your website

Whether it’s before they contact you or after, most people will seek out your website to see what you and your gym can offer them. Make sure your website is up to date and attractive.

Some of the most important info you should make sure they can find is:

  • Up-to-date class schedule: Whatever classes you offer, make sure they are detailed and always up to date on your website. If an instructor changes, or if a class moves, make sure that info is updated immediately.
  • Clear and real photographs (not all stock photos): Quality photos are important. Show photo’s of people who look like they are enjoying themselves (not just an empty gym or studio). Your potential clients want to see what they can expect, so make sure the photos show that.
  • Gym Member Testimonials: You need to build trust with people before they will convert into a member. To do this highlight the success of your existing members. The most powerful way to do this is by getting video testimonials. Seeing someone else accomplish or make progress towards a goal that is similar to theirs will motivate them to act.

"You need to build trust before leads convert into members"  

5 – Retargeting

Between the time your potential client contacts you and the time you have set for their first appointment, you don’t want to slack off on the promoting. This is the time when you can convince them they will be making the right decision to sign up with you.

Facebook retargeting is a great way to do this. It allows you to promote your posts specifically to people who have just left their details with you. Posts like client testimonials that will get new leads excited and confident that they made the right decision to inquire with your business.

6 – Follow up again

Following up is a critical part of any sales process. That’s why we’re mentioning it again. While the initial follow-up should be as quick as possible, you should have a schedule for additional follow-ups. You may need to contact a lead five or six times before they sign up – that’s also why it’s important to have those scripts! Most salespeople give up after one or two contacts, but it could even take up to ten contacts, so stick with it.

As a guide, follow up:

  • Immediately after their initial contact.
  • To set up an appointment.
  • Just before the appointment to confirm you are expecting them.
  • After their first meet and greet at the gym to find out how they liked it, and when they are coming back in.
  • And possibly a few more times, depending on the client and the offer.

7 – Scarcity

If you need to add a little push to your sales, consider adding a scarcity factor. If an offer is about to expire, or is only available to a certain number of people, it can force action. It creates a “buy right now” mentality which can work to your advantage.

For example:

  • Your free trial week offer can be limited to a certain month.
  • Clients can get a free PT session if they sign up by a certain date.
  • You have five spots open for an exclusive new class.

A word of caution: If you throw too many of these kinds of offers at people, it can work to your disadvantage. “Ah, well, if I miss this offer they’re sure to have another one soon enough”.

8 – Bonus Offers

Getting a new lead on the phone can be a battle. Overcome it by getting them to phone you!

Do this by Including a bonus if they phone you within 24hrs.

For example, if they phone in within 24hrs (of enquiring) and make their first appointment they will receive a bonus. The bonus could be an additional free week, a water bottle, nutrition plan, PT session or whatever makes sense for your business.

This is a very simple tactic, but one that has proven to works amazingly well for our clients.

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