Gym Ad Critique

Mark from here. I want to quickly critique this ad that you see in front of you. It's a gym ad that came across my feed the other day. It's got one major problem. The purpose of an ad identify get a person to take the next step after you've qualified them. Now the problem with this ad is it doesn't really tell you the next step. In fact, it tells you the next step but it's not a step that anyone's going to take.

Poor Call to Actions

There's two calls to action here. One is that it's telling you to call a phone number. Now nobody's going to do that. I've blanked that number out for obvious reasons. No one's going to take note of that phone number and then give you a call based on just seeing this ad.

Now the second call to action is for you to send them a message. If you click the “Send Message” button, it's going to open Facebook Messenger so you can message the page. But again, based on seeing this ad alone, you're not going to take the next step because you've still got too many unanswered questions before you actually want to engage in any correspondence with the page.

Now when you put a call to action on your ad, you typically put things like "Click here to learn more”, “Tap here to apply." Those kind of calls to action will get the person to take the next step because you're telling them what to do and why to do it. But here it just says, "Send message." The ad's going to stop here. People aren't going to take action based on this. For this messenger type of ad, one thing you could say is something like, "Have a question? Click here to chat with us”, or “Tap here to chat with us". That's usually used in a remarketing context. That's used when someone has already watched one of your previous videos or seen one of your previous ads, or gone to your website. You might have this style of ad where it says, "Have you got a question? Click here to chat with us." That might work in that instance. But in this instance there's a problem in here in this ad. I don't think it will be very effective at all.

Troubleshooting your Ad Campaign

While we're looking at troubleshooting ads, let's quickly look at the bigger picture. Now when we've got an ad, the next step typically is we want to capture the lead's details. Once we've got the details, we want to back an appointment. Once we've got an appointment, we want to get them actually into your facility so you can sell them. Where it's falling down here is there's an ad but it's very unlikely you're going to catch a lead's details.

One bit of advice is, if you are capturing details and not booking appointments, it's obviously your follow-up process. Are you calling them fast enough? Are you trying them through phone, SMS, leaving voicemails or emails? How many times are you following them up?

The next step is, if you're getting appointments but you're getting no-shows, it's quite logical that you might need to look at how you're reminding them. Are you sending them SMS reminders? Are you getting someone to actually call them? Another tip is make sure that when you book the appointment, you don't book it too far into the future. If you get a lead right now, try and get that person into your facility tonight, if not tomorrow. Don't book them in for seven days in advance, because the lead is going to cool down and they're not going to be as committed to coming in as they were when they first filled out that form.

Use a methodical approach

When you're troubleshooting campaigns, make sure you use this methodical approach. Try and identify where it's falling down in the whole funnel. That particular example I shared with you, it will be falling down at this section here.

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